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Radio is a fantastic medium for ambitious small and medium sized businesses that are looking to grow. With a growing number of listeners every week, internet radio advertising is an unbeatable medium in helping businesses reach out to new customers to build awareness of their products and existence as well as boosting the response to their websites, the footfall to stores, and increase in sales.

If you’re trying to help grow your business, then we can help with cost effective radio advertising. Why not contact us at


You will be surprised just how effective radio advertising can be and how you can get the most from the medium. For as little as €70.00 per month we will add your  advertisement to our jukebox and it will be randomly played 24/7 on our station. We will also give you a banner poster on our website Sponsors Page.

We are also offering advertising to suit you and your budget. Contact us at We can work around your budget.

Radio advertising can also play a powerful role in helping to build your name and brands in the longer term. Some business owners believe that brand-building is a luxury that has no impact on short-term success. However, wide-ranging advertising industry studies reveal that strongly branded businesses benefit from more effective, more efficient, and more profitable advertising across all time frames. 

To be effective, you need to reach a wide audience, spark an emotional response, and create fame for the advertised business. With such high levels of listenership to the internet radio sector, (two-thirds of adults tune in to internet radio every week) internet radio is effective at delivering your message to the listening public that have the spending power within your community. 


Here at Atlantic Shore Radio we successfully raise awareness for our clients to showcase their very best products, goods and services. Your advertisement will be heard multiple times daily on our 24/7 channel. We will also consolidate that with an advertising banner on our website.